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Manufacturing quantities are subject to a tolerance of +/- 10%, the surplus or shortage to be charged or deducted pro rata.

These cartons arrive flat ready for you to make up by taping the bottom and top flaps. Sturdy single wall corrugated with a kraft outer layer, and a recycled flute and inner layer.

Some of these cartons have the added advantage of being multiscored. This allows you to reduce the depth of your carton to a pre-scored dimension, by cutting down the existing slots (between the flaps) and folding aling the pre-scored creases.

Measurements are always the internal dimensions of the box once constructed, and in the order of : length x width x depth. For the full range of FEFCO industry standard boxe specifications, go to the FEFCO website.

Single wall box
suitable for most uses.
Most popular style
Aspak, Single Wall Box
Double wall box
Suitable for larger, heavier objects for greater protection and strength.
Aspak, Double Wall Box
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