Aspak, World In A Box

If you have a specific requirement, by giving us the following details, we can help gague which carton/s would be most suitable for your purpose.


Dimensions & units of measurement? (metric or imperial - please specifiy)
Measure boxes internally - length - width - height

Which of the following designs do you deem most appropriate at this time?
For further range of industry standard box shapes, download PDF

  • Standard: 0201Standard: 0201
  • Standard: 0200Standard: 0200
  • Standard: 0203Standard: 0203
  • Standard: 0409Standard: 0409

Box Usage?
   What products are to be placed in the box?
   Total weight of products in the box?
   Where is the box going? (internal storage - UK couriers - post - overseas)

Grade of board?
Single or double corrugated thickness?

Delivery date?

When you have these details - ring us and we will be please to help you create your perfect box, and quote for the production.

Manufacturing quantities are subject to a tolerance of +/- 10%, the surplus or shortage to be charged or deducted pro rata.